What You Need To Set Up the Perfect Console Gaming Room

Brandon Penalacia
3 min readMar 17, 2022
What You Need To Set Up the Perfect Console Gaming Room

It seems like most articles about gaming rooms focus primarily on PC gaming. While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, we wanted to give console players some love today, which is why we made this guide on what you need to set up the perfect console gaming room. We’re sure our tips won’t disappoint.

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A Solid TV Stand

You might feel shocked since we’re not starting our list with the TV. That’s because a TV is no good if you don’t have a great stand to put it on. You want to have something high enough in quality that it won’t collapse after the first year, so don’t skimp out on this purchase. Plus, you’ll want to ensure that it has enough space to store your games, extra controllers, and of course, your console (or consoles).

The Best TV That Money Can Buy

Now, we’ll cover your TV set. The beefiest console in the world is only as great as the TV you have it displayed on, so that old 32-inch, 1080p screen isn’t going to cut it anymore. You need the biggest and best for your future gaming room that fits within your budget. Just make sure whichever one you get also has HDR support and a high refresh rate. That way, you can achieve pure gaming bliss.

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A Comfortable Place To Sit

What good is a perfect gaming setup if you don’t have a comfortable place to sit and enjoy it? The answer is that it’s not going to be a great one. That’s why you’ll want to find a couch or recliner that’s the perfect fit for you. Be sure to focus more on comfort rather than color or style. You can fix those later with slipcovers. These are prevalent enough now that you can find a slipcover for any type of chair imaginable.

Some Décor That You Enjoy

To top this list of what you need to set up the perfect console gaming room off, we’ll talk about décor. You can’t forget to decorate your room to your heart’s content. This is your gaming domain, so no one except for you will have a say on how it’s going to look.

Go out and buy some posters of some of your favorite video games and maybe a couple of meaningful collectibles that you can put on display. Also, don’t forget to purchase some RGB light strips to put up around your room. Nothing can lift your mood better than the perfect color scheme shining up against your walls.

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