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How would you like to never have ingrown hairs or a bad case of razor burn again? All it takes is investing in one really good men’s razor and your post-shave irritated skin problem will be solved forever!

It’s time to put the razor bumps aside and embrace smoother skin! Below we’ve compiled some of our top 5 best men’s razors that deliver an easy, close shave without leaving those pesky irritation spots behind. You’ll be left with baby-smooth skin in no time.

The most important thing to consider when choosing a razor is what feels right for you and your skin type. Whether it be an old-school safety razor or one with high tech features, there’s sure to be something perfect in this selection!

The Leaf Razor

‎The new razor from Leaf is a hybrid of sorts — it has multiple blades and a pivoting head. This razor lets you decide how many blades to stack, one blade for a more traditional feel to three blades that will ensure a close and comfortable shave.

Safety Razor for Men by Bevel

Shaving with a safety razor is the most cost-effective way to get your skin smooth as safety blades are far more affordable than cartridge blades. Bevel’s weighted design makes for an easy, comfortable shave that won’t irritate sensitive areas like other razors tend to do! You’ll find yourself looking forward to shaving every day because it feels so good on top of being safe and irritation free. Safety razors do come with a learning curve but will deliver an optimal shave when used properly.

Gillette Heated Men’s Razor by GilletteLabs

Gillette is always coming up with new ways to help you get a closer, smoother shave. Their latest invention, the heated razor features a rechargeable warming bar that helps you get an irritation-free shave with a flex disc head that rotates to the contours of the face to deliver the ultimate shaving experience.

Merkur short handle safety razor

Merkur’s safety razor is a great choice for beginners who want the best chance of making fewer mistakes and reducing irritation…



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