Small Betta Fish Tanks that will Fit Well in Your Bachelor Pad

Brandon Penalacia
7 min readDec 31, 2021

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If you’re in the market for a Betta fish tank, it can be hard to tell what kind is best to fit well with your bachelor pad and the fish you have. There are so many different shapes and sizes and Betta fish don’t all fit into small bowls! If you are looking for a new home for your aquatic friend, check out these high quality and affordable small Betta fish tanks that will fit well in your bachelor pad. This article will teach you about some great tanks with enough ample living room to grow healthy Betta splendors without worry of clogging their little fins up while looking great in your cool man cave.

Photo by Jaya surya Karthik on Unsplash

Small Betta Fish Tanks that will Fit Well in Your Bachelor Pad

Tank Size

Tanks are not just about the aesthetic, they need to be big enough for Bettas while still blending in with your bachelor pad. The average betta ranges from 3–5 inches long so make sure you have a tank that can accommodate them. You’ll want at least 5 gallons but more is always better as these amazing little fish deserve the best environment. If we’re going by their origins in Southeast Asia, dwelling in shallow waters and rice paddies, then it should speak volumes on what kind of quality time they get with us while adapting into an aquatic life style. Bigger tanks are always a better choice.


It’s true that Bettas come from still waters, but you’ll need to be sure and look for a tank with an excellent filter. It’s important if your goal is not only the keep stress away from this beautiful little fish but also maintain their habitat in order so they can thrive! You want a filter that is gentle or adjustable because bettas struggle when there are strong currents inside the vessel where they reside.

LED Lighting

Bettas are spectacular fish so you’ll want to be able see them with cool lights! LED lighting will help showcase the…

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